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Journaling Through Art with Trevor McCauley


In this class we will connect journaling to three distinct art projects:
1. In the first project we will write what is called, A Postcard to No One.  We will write about a past experience with someone, and we will draw or paint a design that fits the narrative of the postcard message.
2. The second project will focus on the present tense.  We will journal while reflecting on what is positively going on right now and then we will create artwork using at least two different media - a scene that is indicative of what is going on right now.
3. In the last project we will focus on the future.  Classmates will be given a list of affirmations that will be used to create a journal writing that looks forward with positive intention.  The corresponding art poster will be a collage of various media, writing and cut out images from magazines.
Instructor Statement:  My artist journey really began in high school where I was introduced to ceramics and scratchboard. When I went on to the University of Michigan all my elective classes were art classes. I took a broad range of classes including drawing, oil painting, ceramics, and sculpture. I was also introduced to stream of consciousness writing as well as piano music composition during my undergraduate studies. Post college I dabbled in digital photography as well as took ceramic classes. Throughout college and beyond I have continued to write creatively and have written 5 poetry books.  Today my artistic endeavors juggle between sculpture/ceramics, painting, scratchboard, poetry, music composition and 2-D collage making.

Oliver Art Center
132 Coast Guard Rd.
PO Box 1513
Frankfort, MI
United States
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Start Date: Mon August 26, 2024
End Date: Wed August 28, 2024

Start Time: 5:00 pm
End Time: 7:00 pm

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