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Refining Your Words: The Craft of Editing and Revision - Writing Workshop with Steven Veatch


Revision is “re-seeing” a piece of writing from a fresh, critical perspective. This part of the writing process is where good writing becomes great. Revision involves making major changes to a document’s content, structure, and organization. A writer skilled in revision work will make sure that everything fits the purpose of the document - looking at the organization of paragraphs and their relation to one another, or moving sentences or paragraphs from one part of the text to another. As a last step in the revision process, the writer decides if there are parts of his or her work that can be eliminated, ranging from words, sentences, paragraphs, to entire pages. In this workshop we will discuss all stages of revision and how to become comfortable revising your work.

Instructor Info:  Steven Veatch is a writer of poetry, essays, book reviews, science and history articles, and professional papers His work has been published in Kansas City Voices, The Betsie Current, Ute Country News, and Colorado Life. He holds a BS in Business Administration from Colorado State University- Pueblo, a MA in Management from Webster University, and a MS in Earth Science from Emporia State University. Steven also coordinates our annual ARTiFACTORY poetry event in collaboration with the Benzie Area Historical Society. He is

based near Kingsley, Michigan.

Oliver Art Center
132 Coast Guard Rd.
PO Box 1513
Frankfort, MI
United States
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Date: Tue September 24, 2024

Start Time: 4:00 pm
End Time: 6:00 pm

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